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Christmas In A Jar

 Show Topper Ideas for Mason Jar decorative lids by Cosmo Cricket

Gday Crafters, Belinda here and I am a guest contributor to the  Create On Ormond Blog.

 I popped into the store a couple of weeks ago to find Marisa admiring her cool Cosmo Cricket Show Topper Lids that go with any wide mouth mason jar that are everywhere online at this time of year such as cookies in a jar, snow globes in a jar and so much more.

Wondering how to use and decorate the lids other than a traditional photo holder/name tag lid Marisa asked me to see what I could do. They come in 2 vintage colours, green and white and 2 designs, a knob and a label/photo holder.

So my big question was how can we decorate the lids so that they arent permanent?, I want to  give the jar as a gift for a specific occasion and then have the  recipient be able to use the jar for any other purpose.

 I came up with 3 designs so far (plenty of more in my head)

 One big issue I had to start was how to cover the base without sticking any paper down.

My first solution was to use flat magnets on the lids as they are made out of metal and this way I could stick the paper to the magnet making the base removable yet sturdy.
(Christmas tree & Star burst designs)

 We soon discovered you could unscrew the Photo clip rather than cut around it and place the magnetic base under the clip which is much easier and neater.

We thought we would share some of our ideas with you in case you need some inspiration for gift giving this year. So here goes.

 Christmas Tree Oh Christmas Tree : Love love this idea, an ode to gift giving..




1.    To create you tree template simply take some scrap card stock about 6 x 6 inches and fold in half. Draw half your tree then cut out and unfold. The size is up to you my tree was about 4"

2.    Use the tree template and draw & cut out on your tree onto green cardstock  (x 2)

3.    Cut out a base in brown cardstock to insert into the trunk of the tree to make it sturdier (x 2)

4.    Cut small stars out of cardstock ( sizzix nesting star smallest) x 2

5.    Using some jewellery or florist wire make a flat coil or a u shape at both ends add a ½”  glue dot to your stars and glue them together with the wire coil in the middle

6.    Put a glue dot on the base of the star wire and glue both tree shapes together then glue the base of the tree on both sides.

7.    Decorate the tree with pretty gem stickers and pearls etc

8.    Using the 2nd largest sizzix circle die cut your magnet or base card

9.    Cut one inch rectangles (x2) from your magnet sheet as well these are for the presents.

10.  Cut 3 different size squares (x2) and decorate with fine ribbon then using foam tape attach to the rectangle magnets.
Tools& supplies used : Sizzix nesting stars 657567, Spellbinders nestablities standard circles S4-114, Die Cutting Machine, Glossy accents, Glitter Glue,  Glue Dots ½”, Scissors, Distress ink vintage photos, inking tool,  green/brown card stock, decorative papers beading wire, glue,  gem stickers, fine ribbon..


Star Burst design



1        Cut out 2 large stars, 2 medium stars, 4 small and 14 extra small stars out of chosen cardstock.

2.    Cut 5 pieces of wire about 3 inches length and 1 piece of wire about 7 inches

3.    Coil or fold both ends of the wire to help secure to the stars

4.    Use glue dots on both sides of the wire to stick the stars together this will give you the sprays busting out of the main star. Glue stars to both ends of the 7 inch wire.

5.    Using glue dots place all 5 stars wire ends inside the biggest star and glue the 2nd star to cover, now glue the 2nd largest star on either side of the large one.

6.    Using the second largest sizzix circle cut your base (gold card stock ) and glue a half small star either side of the lid to decorate

7.    Tie a bow of sheer ribbon and twist the longer star wire around the clip to decorate
Tools& supplies used : Sizzix nesting stars, sizzix circle 2nd largest, glue dots, gold card stock, glittery vintage gold card stock, beading wire, flat magnet, scissors, glue, sheer ribbon


Shabby Chic Frame design

1.    Cut your card x1 and decorative paper x2 using sizzix labels 8 the largest (6) and 3rd largest (4th) dies.

2.    Cut 2 stars (2nd die) and 2 stars (3rd die)

3.    Cut 1 large kaisercraft Doily out of pattern paper

4.    Thread beads and crystal on fishing line,  punch a small hole into card stock scrap and tie the beads to this.  This is glued to the middle of your large star. Glue both large stars together and then glue your smaller stars either side.

5.    Punch a small hole in the top of your card stock (the middle of your frame) this will be covered with your decorative paper to tie the fishing line to.

6.    Glue your decorative paper frames on both sides of the card.

7.    Decorate your frames as you wish, I used old rub on gold stickers.

8.    Edge your frames, stars and doilies with distress ink : vintage photos

9.    Unscrew the photo clip and place your doilie or card on the base and make the centre point. make a small hole for the screw then replace the clamp.

10.  Tie a beautiful bow around the clamp and tie the gift tag to the jar
Tools& supplies used : sizzix star 657567, spellbinders nesting : labels eight S5-019, Kaisercraft :decorative doilie die DD504 (large), glitter glue, glossy accents, distressed ink : vintage photo, Glue dots, 4 glass crystal beads, 6 small pearly beads, 3 metal flower accents, clear fishing line, Sheer ribbon, twine, Decorative paper, gold card stock, white card stock.
If you like these ideas Create On Ormond is holding a Christmas in Jar workshop on Tuesday 15th December at 10.00am.
Cost is $10.00 and this includes 1 lid of your choice. Kits available on the day. You are welcome to use your own paper, embellishments etc.
To book call the shop on 52221449 and speak with Marisa


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